About Us

In 2016, a group of plantain producers decided to organize and form a partnership with the explicit purpose of direct exportation to international markets of their products in order to offer premium service and a better price to their customers. After a long and arduous effort of organization and negotiation, Rustica Premium Plantain was formed. Our association is especially committed to providing a better quality of life not only for themselves, their families and employees, but also their communities.

For these reasons, it was decided to create a new brand altogether, representing everyone involved. A brand that makes known to the world the true quality of the best plantain of Ecuador, our prized plantain, the plantain of El Carmen, and so this is how our Rustic Premium Plantain brand originated.

Our Name

Since the members of our association are simple, hardworking people from the countryside, we chose the name Rustica to represent our brand. This name can represent all of our association members and help us be known around the world.

The word Rustica is defined as:

* Person from the field or countryside;
* Hardworking person with simple and honest characteristics.

It was the perfect name to identify our brand and so the name Rustica was chosen.


We have more than 600 hectares in production, ready for commercialization and export.

We have under our control five warehouse centers dedicated to packaging and processing of the plantain and our other products. This includes cold storage rooms, access for containers, and offices, all of which are strategically distributed throughout the area of plantain production in El Carmen, Ecuador. We also have satellite surveillance for security and have provided green areas to maintain the natural ecosystem and habitat in Ecuador.


To be a dependable plantain brand, with the highest standards of quality and service for local and international clients, committing ourselves to the security of our operations and the welfare of our associates and colleagues.


Consolidate as the leading brand nationwide in the export and marketing of plantain, positioning our brand in the most competitive and demanding markets; distinguished by quality, service and security in our operations.

Our Associations