About Us

Rustica Premium Plantain started operations in 2016. We are an export brand that represents more than 150 plantain producers here in Ecuador. We are located in the best producing area of the country near the city of El Carmen.

Our main philosophy is to offer the best fruit available to the international markets.

Our Product

Rustica Premium Plantain brand can guarantee a product without equal due to the rich soil surrounding El Carmen. The area and climate results in a superior quality of plantain that can be observed by the color, size, weight and of course, great flavor. This applies to our other products too.


Our services are based on an absolute commitment to meet the demands and requirements of our customers. We promise to provide the highest quality Ecuadorian plantain to the international markets.

Following this promise, our fruit is packed in first class warehouse centers which are owned by the associations that are part of the Rustic Premium Plantain brand.

After going through a careful packing process, the fruit is loaded directly into an export container. This in turn is transported immediately to the customer’s requested port, minimizing the impact of unloading the boxes.

Our Associations