Malanga (Yautia)

The malanga is a tubercle full of benefits and properties, ideal for a balanced diet for its richness in essential nutrients and its curative and preventive qualities.

The most important benefits of the Malanga.

The root of malanga is a marvelous tuber full of benefits and nutritional properties, ideal to add to a varied and balanced diet as a way to complement a much more complete and healthy diet.

• Vitamins : Specially its content in vitamin C, vitamins B (especially B6) and vitamin E.
• Minerals : Their contribution in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese stand out.
Very rich in fiber.

The malanga is a food extremely rich in dietary fiber in fact, a serving of taro contributes 7 grams of dietary fiber (27% of the recommended daily amount)

Therefore, it becomes an excellent natural option when regulating intestinal transit in a completely natural way by helping to accelerate the process and make it much more regular. In addition, it acts as a preventive and nutritional treatment of constipation.
Helps lower cholesterol.

Precisely because of its content -and contribution- in dietary fiber is a good option when it comes to decreasing high levels of fats in the blood, in particular high cholesterol levels.


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